White wine made with the Godello grape from our vineyard located in Pazos-Verin, around our winery. The extension of the vineyard is 7 hectares planted with the Godello and Mencia varieties, the Godello variety grown on this estate is the grape used in this wine, the main differences of this wine come from the vineyard since it was planted in 1970 and the The age of the vines provides a lower production compared to younger vines but gives us a higher quality and concentration in the components of the wine, as a result a more fruity wine, with more body and structure than Godello from younger vines. .

The elaboration begins with a double selection of the grapes, in the vineyard and later in the winery by means of a selection table later and depending on the vintages, the grapes are subjected to a maceration process with the skins at low temperature for a short process of time. Later, the wine is pressed and goes to stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic fermentation will begin, finally it will remain in contact with the fine lees for 5 months before being released to the market.

It is a wine with great body and structure, ideal for oily or baked fish, it also pairs perfectly with Asian food.

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